1920 Newsboy Edmond Navy







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Hats - Caps

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Outer fabric: 100% cotton, 2% elastane. Lining: 100% cotton. Lining band: 66% cotton, 34% polyamide, with “rut un wiess” edge.
The cotton fabric is the special uni-colored fabric. A slightly peach-like surface, an elegant sportiness, quiet but with a lot of style.

A cap for every day, for every wardrobe, you can choose from four colors, one for every day and wear a hat on Sunday!

TESSUTI DI SONDRIO has been skillfully manufacturing exceptional cotton fibers since 1859. In the heart of the Veltin, surrounded by the untouched nature of the Alps. An unusual place for a textile factory that has not returned to a textile district in the last century. Relying on location in search of sheer excellence, utilizing local natural resources and employing great craftsmanship in processing the cotton yarns.
For more than a century, the handicraft tradition, the skill in processing the fabrics, has been passed on from parents to their children. Passion and the authentic knowledge of the people who produce this fabric prompted us to make caps from it.

Our 1920 NEWSBOY CAP is a variation of our BAKERBOY. It has 10% more volume in the head than the BAKERBOY. As a result, the fabric falls more loosely and can be pushed to the side.

The 1920 NEWSBOY is a casual cap with a fixed bill that easily bends into shape and a soft, rounded crown sewn from eight spikes. A button is sewn on top of the head for decoration. The outer fabric is pulled over the peak to the middle. The cap has a 2 cm wide ridge all around.

Who doesn’t know them, the old black and white photographs from the turn of the century. Everyone wore a hat: newsboys, longshoremen, steelworkers, farmers, beggars, criminals, every trade. Back then, only noble men and women wore hats. The numerous variants of the caps were intended for busy life, mostly for work, but also for sports. The name slider cap goes back to the old Berlin term “slider” for foreman. This type of cap was