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Hats - Caps

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Outer fabric: 100% virgin wool
Lining: 100% cotton. Lining band: 66% cotton, 34% polyamide.
So it’s classic, Diefenthal’s light virgin wool outer fabric Classic Pattern. Timeless elegance, always there in every fashion decade.
A presence throughout from the 1920s until today. A must, in their form 1968 BUCKET.
Due to the fluctuating color scheme of black, ecru, a bit burgundy and maybe also dark green, the cap adapts wonderfully to your wardrobe and can be used every day.
This outer fabric is easy to wear in spring but also in autumn. The light, medium-weight fabric from the weaving mill MAGEE falls a little stiffer and gives the hat fabric a good stand. MAGEE, one of the most traditional weaving mills in the world since 1866, has woven the fabric for us.
Diefenthals 1968 BUCKET looks like a hat. Sewn from fabric, it has a flat headstock, a wide straight fabric circulation and a short edge. The effect of the shape is static but it is also changeable, because you can play with the edge and open it all around as you like.
Who does not know the old black and white photographs from the turn of the century. Everyone wore headgear: newspaper boys, port and steel workers, farmers, beggars, criminals, every trade. Only the noble men and women wore hats back then.
The numerous variants of the caps were intended for the busy life, mostly for work, but also for sport. In the middle of the 20th century, caps were rediscovered, free from prejudice and class, they conquered free spirits and artists. But it still carries a symbol within itself. Because nobody can fail to recognize that a cap wearer exudes an individuality that would be significantly less without it.