Beacon Light Vintage White











The Barebones Beacon lamp comes with a smooth dimming function that allows you to create the right amount of light. The lamp is easy to hang by means of the carabiner and the sturdy base allows the lamp to remain upright. The lamp comes with a 75 cm charging cable for the rechargeable battery. The battery lasts 200+ hours on a low setting and 3 hours on a high setting. The lamp has 3 positions.


Chargeable battery
Up to 220 lumens
Provides up to 200 hours of light on the lowest setting
Comes with charging cord
Available in 3 colors
Dimensions (WxH): 15 x 8 cm
About the bulb:

LED: 3 Watt Cree
Light spectrum: 3000K
Lumen: Low:30 High:220
Battery: (1) 8W Lithium-Ion Cell
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Input: 5V. maximum 1A Max
3 positions
To ensure that the battery does not ‘dead’, the battery should be charged once every 3/4 months. This increases the battery life.

The classic and functional design of the Beacon lamp was inspired by two sustainable pieces:

The shape of the body and the protective housing are influenced by the design of the traditional fishing lantern. These lanterns served as fishermen’s primary light source, helping the crew to keep track of even the most tumultuous elements.
Offering another source of inspiration for its body shape and directly affecting the inclusion of the top of the carabiner is the traditional miners’ lamp. Anchored in mine tunnels, these lanterns served as miners’ guards as they worked through hazardous environments.