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Melton wool cap Bear projectEvery good cap lover needs at least one that can withstand any temperature and be used without fear of damaging it. The Bear Project has all the qualities you are looking for. It is comfortable, durable, versatile and does not sacrifice an ounce of style. Snow or rain, it can take an absolute beating while keeping you looking good. You never know what the day might bring. Keep it close by and you’ll be ready for any situation.


You wouldn’t know from looking at the picture, but it’s made of super-soft recycled Melton wool with just the right thickness for superior comfort and an amazing look. The front panel and visor are made of Bedford Corduroy, an almost indestructible fabric. The sweatband is designed to wick sweat away from the forehead and a leather strap allows you to adjust it the way you like it. This cap is made in Canada with the best durable materials available and has no comparison on the market.

Made in Canada
– Outer fabric recycle melton wool
– Front visor ad under visor and front inner panel 100% cotton
– The inner band is designed to keep sweat away from the forehead and increase comfort.
– Unstructured cap
– Adjustable leather strap
Low to mid crown
This cap is made in Canada by a manufacturer that makes sure the health, safety and wages of the
are a priority.
Apart from diverting used wool garments from landfills, it saves a considerable amount of water, reduces land use for sheep grazing and avoids the use of chemicals for dyeing. … Recycled wool contributes to a reduction of air, water, and soil pollution.