1609 Classic, antique Brown







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The Blundstone 1609 Antique brown Chelsea boot
The Blundstone 1609 Antique brown Chelsea boot is one of the most popular models from the Classic collection. Antique brown is a color that you can combine with any outfit. The color of the 1609, antique brown, gives the shoe a delicate appearance. The shoe only becomes more beautiful by wearing it! A nice addition to this shoe is that the luxurious insoles contain extra poron. Extra soles are also included (black/white) which can make the fit of the shoe even better.

The Blundstone 1609 is a lined shoe (partly with leather and fabric on the foot), just like all other models from the Classic collection, these models are also slightly wider at the instep than the models from the Original collection. Because the Blundstone 1609 is wider at the instep, this model is ideal for people with a higher instep and/or wider feet. The 1609 has a black elastic on both sides and the leather is of high quality. The label patch (pull loops) that is attached to the shoe makes this sturdy Chelsea boot easy and quick to put on. No matter how strong you are, the label patch is indestructible.

The antique brown Blundstone 1609 is suitable for ladies and gentlemen
Blundstone has a perfect pair of shoes for every industry. The models from the Classic collection have a heat resistance of up to 140 degrees. The 1609 is suitable for a party, festival, forest walk or simply for everyday use. Suitable for men and women.

The Blundstone 1609 is orthopedic
The typical feature of the Blundstone models is the excellent comfort of the shoe. The sole is made of polyurethane material with additional absorption capacity (SPS Shock Protection System). This SPS ensures that the shocks to the feet and legs during walking are reduced by at least 33%. You will feel it! The sole is light and flexible, making tired feet a thing of the past. The insole of the 1609 is orthopedic.

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