About Black & Blue

The Black & Blue shop is all about timeless apparel. Rugged dry selvedge denim inspired by classic workwear, Red Wing boots and Stetson and Diefenthal hats and caps.

Enjoy lifestyle staples like American Optical sunglasses and brands like Tivoli audio. Face the outdoors with products like chargeable lights by Barebones and Stanley thermos flasks. Or just kick back at the store, share stories and take in the brotherly atmosphere. Smell the fresh leather when Byboaz is whipping up some new custom leatherwork, fabricating bags, belts and other accessories the old-fashioned way.

Black & Blue - Shop

A shop with the most iconic denim labels.

Indigofera, Lee101, Pike Brothers, Rising Sun, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Eat dust, Red Wing, Pig & Hen en Zace.

Black & Blue BBQ

Integrate the peace and purity of the outdoors into our daily life.

Black & Blue organizes BBQ workshops and provides authentic BBQ catering on location, from small dinners to fully catered total concepts.