500 Original Stout Brown







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The Blundstone 500 Original chelsea boot, made of dark brown leather, is suitable for practically every weather and every occasion. It holds its own in the cold and snow, as well as during festivals and nice weather, the shoe is ideal to wear. When you walk long distances or have to stand for a long time, this shoe is ideal. Hiking, festivals, dancing, shopping… it’s all possible with this sturdy boat.
The Blundstone 500 is characterized by the elastic band on the side of the shoes, the removable footbed and the well-known brand labels with which you can put the shoes on and off quickly and easily.
Blundstone models are known for their comfort. The sole of the foot is made of PU material, polyurethane, with extra absorption material. This makes the soles light and flexible. So you enjoy it.
Not suitable for heavy mountain tours.
The shoe does not have a membrane and is therefore not 100% waterproof, so the fabric ventilates better.
NOTE: The half sizes give more room in the instep. The length of the sole does not increase if you choose a half size larger. For example: 38.5 this shoe has the same sole length as size 38.