510 Original Black







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The Blundstone 510 Chelsea boot black
The perfect black leather Chelsea boots will steal the show. The black Chelsea boots with the matching black elastic are suitable for men and women. With the Blundstone 510 you have one of the most fashionable outfits of the day! Due to the Blundstone Shoe Polish, the Blundstone 510 is completely waterproof, so that the tough, black leather remains beautiful and is not damaged in, for example, heavy weather conditions. Even if it rains or snows, it will not affect the quality of the shoe. The Blundstone 510 is also ideal for festive occasions. Think of a festival, has it rained and is there some mud? No problem! The mud does not soak into the shoe and can simply be wiped off the shoes. Blundstones are essential for festive occasions or other occasions. Take a look around at different festivals, you will find the Blundstones everywhere!

High-quality Blundstone quality with maximum comfort
Tired legs and pain are a thing of the past. The distinctive and unique brand label makes the Blundstone 510 easy to wear. The sole is completely removable, making this shoe also suitable for inserting any podiatric soles if necessary. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Blundstone in different sizes
The Blundstone 510 varies from size 36 to size 48. Are you curious about the many advantages of the Blundstone 510 Chelsea boat or about the other models from Blundstone? Do you want to walk or work for hours in the city or elsewhere in the country without getting tired? Do you want to wear a short skirt or shorts that defy the rain or do you want to march in the sun? Order the shoes directly online and experience all the wearing comfort tomorrow! We believe that once you’ve experienced the comfort of the Blundstone boots, you don’t need anything else!

In short, the black classic Blundstone 510
Graceful black leather Chelsea boots
Black leather with black elastic sides on both sides
Removable insole for, if necessary,