Why RedWing Shoes?

For more than a century, red wing shoes have been tried and tested and they’ve come up as one of the best industrial boots. They’ve been made of premium material and top-notch safety technology. As a result, red wing shoes last for years.

Beginning to the end, redwing shoes are made with a critical eye to ensure they are high-quality boots. From durable leather to the patterns, fit, and styling. The coolest thing about these boots is their soles. They were built for traction. The non-marking outsole is one of the things that make Red Wing shoes stand out.

As a leading store for menswear Nijmegen, we’re here to help you navigate classic redwing styles and know the important boot terminologies.

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Terms to know

Like every other shoe, red wing shoes are made of various parts that contribute to their durability, style, and comfort.

Outsole: It’s the part that comes into contact with the ground. Red Wing shoe outsoles are made of rubber and leather.

Midsole: It separates the outsole from your foot. Keep in mind that the harder it is, the longer you have to break in the shoes, and the longer it lasts.

Welt: The secret recipe to a long shoe lifespan. Thanks to redwing shoes Goodyear-welt construction, the boots are weather-resistant and can be resoled over and over again.

Last: It’s the shoe’s silhouette which is responsible for the shape of the boots.

Traction trend: Non-marked outsole that’s popular with the red wing shoes.

Lug sole: It’s very popular with heavy-duty boots. It’s an outsole made of thick rubber trends.

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Best RedWing Styles

Are you looking forward to adding this iconic and classic shoe to your collection? They have a long list of styles. These are some of our top picks.

Iron Ranger

This gem was originally made for iron miners. Today, you can wear it as a fashion statement or a work boot. We love the speed hooks as they make lacing a breeze and the oil-resistant leather. It comes in different styles – the 8083, 8084, and 8085.


These boots were originally worn by blacksmiths as they protected them from molten iron and sparks. It’s a sturdy and stylish boot that stands 6-inches tall. It also has different styles 3343 & 9011 among our top choices.

Moc Toe

This white wedge sole and moc toe were originally made for sportsmen and hunters but they now have the moc toe style for city dwellers. It comes in eight different types of leather so you have quite a wide array to choose from.

Wacouta Camp

Are you looking for some preppy boat shoes or something to wear in the summer? Well, these shoes have a moccasin-style with a low-key profile. They are light, flexible, and come in various styles including 3331, 3335, and 8106.


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