Selvedge denim

The name originates from the term self-edge as the edge features a unique 32” roll instead of the common 62” roll.  It’s a stronger, more rigid, and high-quality denim woven with a continuous thread on a shuttle loom. Both edges on the selvedge denim feature a tightly woven and narrowband making it have a clean finish and preventing it from unraveling. The denim edge is popularly used on jeans like an outseam proudly shown off by rakishly cuffing your jeans.

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Selvedge denim

Benefits of Selvedge Denim


Being of higher quality than ordinary jeans, selvedge denim lasts longer. Manufacturers use high craftsmanship and premium material to make the jeans. Of course, you’ll pay more but it’s worth every dime. Most people have worn their selvedge denim jeans for more than a decade. If you don’t gain or lose weight when you’ve picked a good fit, you can wear it almost indefinitely.

No frayed ankles

Anyone who wears jeans with the bottom dragging on the ground can tell you of frayed ankles. Especially when worn with flip-flops or sandals. When the bottom flares out, it may drag on the ground making it fray and your only solution is to hem your pants. However, you can prevent all this by choosing selvedge denim. The bottom is usually folded and sewn to your legs. This makes it stronger, preventing it from fraying.

Easily customizable

You can order selvedge denim with your own unique measurements. They are easily customized for your body fit. No worries about ill-fitting denim as you get the right size if you give correct measurements.

Unique style

As experts in menswear Nijmegen, we’ll tell you that selvedge denim beats traditional jeans all the time. When it comes to style, selvedge denim changes your whole appearance. With the bottom being folded at the ankles, you’ll see two colors, the color of the primary jeans, and the interior denim color. To stand out, style them with red wing shoes.


You want something that has good resale value once you’re tired of wearing it. Selvedge denim will give you this. You can sell them to an individual, pawn shop, or even consignment shops when they’re still in good condition thanks to the high-quality material. Keep in mind, you should clean and maintain your jeans properly if you want to sell them later. Plus if you don’t want to sell, you can still give them away when they are in good condition.

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